I got an email in my inbox today and it asked if my kits could be used in photoshop. AWESOME question cause I had no idea. I'm a psp user, and in all honesty any other paint program confuses the heck out of me. So google I went! Found out that I can save my kits as a psd. file right along side psp. Sooo with that I went back and resaved all my kits under the psd. file format and they are all being resubmitted!
I really really hope they work, I don't have a way to test them out, so if some one out there will for me I will greatly appriciate it! Thanks xoxoxo Blu

all files can be downloaded here
First Aid.psd
summertime kit.psd
I was asked a long while back to make a nursing kit, and some how it got pushed to the back and never got done. with alittle time on my hands this week i picked it up again and finally finished it. hope you all like it!

you can down load here RNmeansrealnice.pspimage
I don't know too many who likes doing laundry, me included! but I've come up with a little kit that I enjoyed playing around with and I hope others will do, although I am noticing I could of added some word art =( I'll make an add on I guess, plus I will be adding the animated washer and dryer eventually lol
till then, Hope you like!
leave a comment ;)

and the kit can be downloaded here
UGH LAUNDRY.pspimage
Just wanted to let alittle shout out go to Patricia(musiclover2). Might not seem like much but I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for commenting! for commenting have a kit just for you!! if you'll post me a message about what kind you'd like, i'll get started on it ASAP! once again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Patricia I really really appriciate it!
much much love!!
This is a kit freebie dedicated to my ohh IDK my BFF Jill ....

you can get the kit here.....please leave a comment with any suggestions or just a ya liked it or not...thanks and enjoy

some one should write a Dummy's version to blog layout creating!!!!
Good Morning Blooger land! hopefully all you scrappers slept well last night! I was on a roll last night with some creative ideas and watching Big Brother 11 After Dark.
I have a new kit, well new to you kit up today and some sad news. One of my all time favorite scrappers are going strictly for pay. She's one of the main reasons that I started doing this on my own, and I will miss seeing freebie from her site....Kristen, you will be missed by a bunch who are strictly freebie kind of people. now on to the kit!

and you can down load here =)
I can not describe the feeling I have from looking at my 4shared files and seeing how many times one of my kits has been downloaded. it is seriously a great ego boost!!! I would like some comments, it'd be nice to know what you like about a certian kit what you don't like, what i should add, should of kept out. FEED BACK would be great!!! all of you who have downloaded....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
well I was rather afraid that this would happen and I tried my best to be aware....but it seems I still messed up. the links aren't showing up as clickable links and well...I'm sorry I'm still new to all this
so lets see if these new links will work out

Little Prince Addon.pspimage
summertime kit.pspimage