All week I've been working on a autumn, pumpkin, thanksgiving kit...started out great and I thought I was finished with it untill I saved it as a png. file....that totally merged everything and well after cussing ALOT I had to start over. my turkey's aren't nearly as nice as the first ones but what the hay right! practice makes perfect and it was ALOT easier making the turkey body the second time around...
Hope you like!!

PSD version HERE
and PSP verson HERE

There is alot to list, papers, flowers, frames (circle ones) pumpkins, turkeys, ricrac, ect
I am going to be posting this in psp and psd format.....i don't know what to say. hope those that really liked this kit will be able to use them this time

psd version HERE
and psp version HERE
Well...I went looking at the files i've loaded and not to be too surprized saving as a png isn't working out, it merges all the layers and well sorta pointless to post them if their all one layer so once again...going to repost the cookies kit. Sorry for being a "pita!"
Thought I'd post a pic of my daughter Lilyanna, she inspired the cookies kit and she makes a great model!!

i used a template layout but at the moment I can not remember her just fyi i did not make the layout
Sorry I've been MIA! With school starting and getting 2 kids ready this year I've been totally exhausted for most of the day from just 2 hours of work each morning lol
We've also been passng a bug around the house, 3 days of school and my brought home a cold, just 3 days!! Before everone got sick I was working on a kit that was 100% calorie, fat, and sugar free!!! Hope you all like!!

and you can download HERE